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Coach and TeamThank You Coaches!!!


Your players thank you for enabling them to play soccer. PASO understands that some coach volunteers have never played soccer while others have played soccer their entire lives. We have opportunities within our organization to assist both types of individuals in the challenging task of coaching. You are amazing for faithfully volunteering your time and energy for the purpose of coaching our players. While the responsibility of guiding our players is substantial we feel that you will find it immensely rewarding! We would like to recognize you by saying:

“You are AWESOME for volunteering to coach!”

Things All Great Soccer Coaches Should Do

  • You will receive your official team rosters at the preseason PASO coaches meeting. The date and time will be provided via email as well as posted on the PASO calendar.  If your PASO team is playing in either Frisco or Plano then please attend those leagues' coaches' meetings. The dates and times will be listed at the Frisco and Plano soccer league websites. 

  • All Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers are required to complete an online background check through North Texas Soccer before the start of each Fall season. The background check is valid for one full year which includes both the Fall and Spring seasons. Failure to comply with the required background check results in automatic forfeiture of the individual's team position.

  • If you did not serve as team staff in the Fall but are interested in serving in the Spring, you must submit your information prior to the start of the Spring season.

  • If you have not received your age level appropriate Coach's License, please sign up for a clinic at the Frisco Coaches Clinic page.

  • Please read the Official US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual

  • View the game rules by division document to familiarize yourself with the specifics that apply to your age division. 

  • If your team does not have a name then select one that you are proud of which is also unique to your respective age bracket within the PASO league. The players love having a voice in the team naming process and their creativity often knows no bounds. 

  • If your team does not yet have uniforms, choose the design and color and order them. Please note that you should also obtain vests (pinnies) that contrast your uniform color in the event that you play a team with the same uniform color as the home team must wear a different color than the visiting team. The PASO League does not require or endorse the use of any particular uniform vendors however there are several vendors who offer PASO teams special discounts. Please click on the Team Uniforms link for more info.

  • Select times and locations for practice. Send an email to for field reservations. 

  • Gather your arsenal of soccer practice equipment. Ideally, you should have 3 or 4 extra soccer balls, enough vests (pinnies) for half your players and cones or flags to mark off a field and goals. 

  • Contact the parents of your players to introduce yourself, share any pertinent information about the upcoming season, and give the parents an opportunity to address any questions or concerns they may have. Follow up with an e-mail outlining your practice and game schedules. Remember, communication is key! Throughout the season, continue to communicate with the parents, notifying them of schedule changes, snack sign-ups, or simply asking for help. The parents are your greatest allies and are usually more than willing to pitch in and help as needed, just ask.

  • Remember that throughout the season, Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers can access team information through the Coaches Admin section of this website.

What Great Soccer Coaches Need to Know

    We understand the joy that is experienced by seeing your children participate in soccer. The great thing about the PASO soccer program is that it is a player developmental program. No score is kept for children U9 and under, and scores for U10 and over are for placement purposes only. By agreeing to be a coach in the PASO league you agree to the following key points of our program: 
Coach and Team

I will allow our players, referees and parents to make mistakes without yelling or criticizing them.

I will rotate our players across field positions at least through U9.

I will ask our player’s parents for help in managing the team.

I will focus on player development and never discuss the score with our players.

When I disagree with a referee we will remain calm and deal with it after the game in a professional manner.

I will perform my duties to encourage children to return to the sport of soccer.

I will focus on the seven ideals of our league and not on winning and losing the game.

I will comply with all NTSSA , PASO and FSA rules and regulations.

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